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    Usher FAQ

    Do you require training to be an usher?

    Yes, there is an orientation and walk-through of the theater building. This is especially important for those who have never ushered or attended a production at the theater. Training sessions will be held at different times of the season.

    How many ushers do you use per show?

    There are four (4) ushers per night in the auditorium. Two (2) at the top of the stairs and two (2) go down front. The two (2) ushers down the front have separate locations and duties. One of these two will remain down the front and be seated in seat A2. The other usher brings the leftover programs to the top of the stairs and the clipboard to the office.

    Do you have a dress code?

    Yes, NO EXCEPTIONS. You help to “set the stage” with a professional appearance in business casual. Black pants or a skirt and a white shirt or blouse and black shoes are required- NO FLIP FLOPS. A black necktie is optional for men. You may also purchase an embroidered polo from the theater. Remember you are an important part of the show.

    Is it necessary to arrive one (1) hour prior to show time?

    Yes. Ushers need to check in with the Box Office or House Manager to ensure things are in order prior to the house opening for the patrons. Some duties include stuffing the programs, getting ice from the gas stations, and making sure the refreshments are adequate for production. It is also a good time to refresh yourself with our Usher Guidebook.

    Is there special parking for ushers?

    No. We are located downtown Summerville with parking on the street, behind the theater, or in the garage behind the town hall. We do ask that our ushers refrain from parking immediately in front of the theater, so our patrons have easier access to the front.

    What is the Usher Guidebook and what do I do with it?

    The Usher Guidebook is an essential reference guide for you. To be an usher, you need to attend an orientation class and have read through the material. You will find it desirable to refer to this guidebook from time to time. A goal is to have a commitment from each usher for a minimum of three shows.

    After the curtain goes up, is my job for the night done?

    No. All ushers have jobs before the show, at intermission, and after the show is over. If you need to leave early, you must get the House Manager’s approval.

    Who are the House Managers?

    House Managers may be current members of the Board of Directors, staff, past board members, or other designated personnel.

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