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It's take a lot to run a theatre. Mostly, people, resources, and lots of gumption. Oh! And blood, sweat and tears to put a smile everyone's face. You can help make the magic happen by donating funds, in-kind gifts, or being a community sponsor. Click below to give back or check out our wish list of items we could always use. 


Our sidewalk is complete and next phase has begun. We are now selling 4x8 tiles for either side of our entrance ramp. Each tile is $50 and we are limiting it to 100. Due to COVID-19, our original goal to complete this during 2020 has been derailed but orders can still be placed. More information can be found on our rack cards in the office.

Call 843-875-9251 to order over the phone or click below to order online.

Support community theatre by becoming a community sponsor. Learn more about our offerings in our interactive sponsorship guide. 

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