Boeing Boeing: A Dance Amongst the Stars

The cast of Boeing Boeing has mixed opinions on whether drama or comedy is a harder performance for an actor but they all agree that timing is everything and in the 42nd season closer, Boeing Boeing, we see comedic timing at its finest.

Business man by trade but playboy by choice, Bernard has found himself in the ultimate pickle. All three of his fiancés are arriving at his flat in Paris on the same day. Skilled in choosing all the best Flight Attendants as his lovers, Bernard has never run into this dilemma before. With the help of his maid Berthe and friend Robert, Bernard’s comedy of errors begins. “It’s a whimsical look at the dance between men and woman, the relationship between men and woman that is kind of lost today,” says Actress Heather Hogan who plays Berthe. Playfulness runs throughout this fast paced show, “There’s a lot happening, it’s quick. You have to be engaged and alert,” says Actor Rusty Cooler who plays Robert.

Set in the city of love, Paris, in the 1960s, Set Designer Ernie Eliason has created a colorful and

vibrant flat for Bernard and his ladies. I was curious to know what the cast would do if they had a chance to go to Paris tomorrow. Their answers varied.

“Walk some of the bridges. I’m a massive Anastasia fan so the whole idea of walking across Paris at night is so romantic and I would feel like a princess,” – Alex Shanko.

“I would probably go see some museums and old architecture. I’d probably go hiking, that’s what I’d do,” – Christiana Blun.

“I would sit in a café and have real French wine and eat a croissant. I would have cheese; it’s like crack to me. I would have to sit outside and people watch,” – Joy Springfield.

“I would leave and go to Poland. They know what’s up,” – Heather Hogan.

With all this talk of Paris I was ready to jump on a flight. And by all accounts the cast was ready to jump on a plane with me even if I was the only one who needed a Xanax before takeoff. Traveling around the world is on my bucket list. The show’s leading ladies, Gretchen played by Joy Springfield, Gabriella played by Alex Shanko, and Gloria played by Christiana Blun have the thrilling opportunity to see the world as Flight Attendants for Boeing. Would our cast ever consider being a flight attendant?

You could see the world, eat all the croissants your heart desires, sink your toes into the white sands beaches of Bali, or even tour the Coasta Rican forest. “I would never be a Flight Attendant because I can’t deal with the bratty kids kicking the seats or a person having a panic attack,” laughed Rusty. Even a 19 hour flight with a screaming 3 month old and a sick 3 ½ year old couldn’t scare Joy Springfield from considering it, “I would definitely consider it. I have a friend that’s a Flight Attendant and she gets some time to go out and explore new places.” Alex weighed the pros and cons; “Yes I think I would definitely consider it. A con is the happy go lucky persona. Having to be happy all the time would be a struggle because we all have our bad days. A pro is that I love traveling to new places, especially some of the places that these women get to go.”

I don’t know about you but a French croissant is sounding really good right about now, "BERTHE!" I think the best way to get your fix is to join the cast of Boeing Boeing as they fly through pre-marital turbulence with a ton of laughs. “It’s a farce, it’s a love story, and it’s really cute. Ultimately, Bernard has some serious commitment issues that he needs to talk over with a therapist but all these women are looking for one thing which is love. You want the good girl and guy to be together and that warm and fuzzy feeling,” says Alex. Laughs echo as one door opens and another closes, will love be on the other side for Bernard?

Get your tickets today for Boeing Boeing running May 25 – June 3. BUY NOW

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