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Flowertown Underground Asks,

What Would You Kill For?


Flowertown Players’ Underground series takes audiences to new heights in Shakespeare’s’ renowned classic Macbeth. Known as the cursed play with a name not allowed to be spoken in a theatre, Macbeth tests how far someone will go for the crown.


As Macbeth takes power after his prophecy to be King is foretold, guilt and paranoia riddle his brain from his murderous rise to the throne. Director, Erik Brower reimagines Shakespeare's tragic and gritty character as an anti-hero, similarly to that of The Green Arrow and others with an affinity for narcissism. Continuing on in his quest to create a dark, suspenseful, and intimidate show, Brower commented that, “I’m a big comic book nerd and I got the image of a gritty Frank Miller style setting while reading it.”  Watch as the madness takes hold in this modern noir adaptation. Brower’s vision brings the characters into modern times and in turn “makes them more relatable.”


One of Shakespeare’s most thrilling and blood-shedding plays makes audiences ask, what would you kill for? Running June 15 – 24 on Flowertown Players’ main stage, Macbeth is not one to miss.


And don’t worry if you make the mistake of saying Macbeth in the theatre just spin around 3 times, curse, and spit over your left shoulder.


June 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, & 24 @ 8pm 


General Admission $12 


Rated: PG-13

Featured in Charleston City Paper:



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