Event Details

Day Camp July 15th-19th

Monday – Friday

9am – 12pm

Recommended for ages 8-12

Tuition $180


Get ready for the ultimate gaming adventure at Power Up Summer camp! 

Game on!

Race down Rainbow Road and join your favorite video game characters in a summer camp  experience like no other! At Power Up, campers will power through levels of creativity,  teamwork, and performance skills that will take them to new heights. Why sit in front of a screen  when you can become the ultimate hero yourself? 

What’s the Game Plan? 

Theatre Game Quests: Battle it out in epic theatre games, creating scenes with levels of  obstacles and challenges. Dive into the world of theatre techniques like mime, physical acting,  and improv to construct imaginary worlds and bring them to life. 

Character Showdowns: Perform scenes inspired by your favorite video game characters,  creating narrative stories that will transport you and your audience into the heart of the action. Family Showcase: Conclude the week with a grand showcase where campers unveil their  creative prowess in scenes inspired by beloved video game characters. 

Unlimited Imagination: Explore the unlimited possibilities of your imagination as you solve  puzzles, defeat evil bosses, and level up your theatre skills. 

Creative Collaboration: Work with fellow campers to construct imaginary worlds and conquer  challenges. 

Daily Gaming Adventures: Jump into famous video games each day, expanding your creativity  and teamwork. Choose your world and live in the glory! 

Ready to Join the Adventure? Register Now! 

Limited spots available—secure your place for a summer filled with creativity, laughter, and the  power of theatre. Power Up summer camp is your passport to a gaming-inspired world where  every day is a new level of fun!