Event Details


Morning Creative Camp June 3rd-7th

Monday – Friday

9am – 12pm

Recommended for ages 5-7

Tuition $180


Calling all young explorers and budding stars! Join us for a summer of imagination, storytelling,  and enchanting theatre magic at “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” camp.


Journey into the World of Stories: 

Each day is a new adventure as we delve into beloved children’s stories. Our young thespians  will read, recreate scenes, engage in dramatic movement, and practice creative vocal choices to  bring these timeless tales to life. From whimsical characters to exciting plots, every day promises  a new discovery! 

Dramatic Exploration: Dive into the world of live theatre through engaging scenes and  expressive movement. 

Crafty Creations: Let creativity soar with crafts inspired by the day’s story, adding an extra  touch of magic to our camp experience. 

Games Galore: Play games that complement each tale, making learning and storytelling a  joyous and interactive experience. 

Cultivate a Love for Reading and Theatre: 

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” camp is not just about stories; it’s about instilling a love for reading  and the performing arts in your child. Through hands-on activities and the magic of theatre, we  aim to spark their creativity and nurture a lifelong appreciation for storytelling. 

Why “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Camp? 

Imagination Unleashed: Explore the limitless realms of imagination through classic children’s  stories. 

Theatre Fundamentals: Introduce your child to the basics of theatre, from dramatic movement  to speech. 

Creative Play: Foster a love for reading and storytelling through crafts, games, and live theatre. Secure Your Spot for an Unforgettable Adventure! 

Limited spaces available for kids aged 5-7. Register now for “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”  Summer Theatre Camp, where every story is a stage and every child is a star!