Event Details

Evening Camp July 8-19

Monday – Thursday


Recommended for ages 14-18

Tuition $200

Hey, thrill-seekers! Brace yourselves for a week of improv insanity at LOL Improv Bootcamp – where laughter, creativity, and epic showdowns collide!

What’s the Buzz? 

Dive headfirst into the wild world of improv in the ultimate showdown that’s all  about quick thinking, outrageous scenes, and side splitting moments. Get ready to transform  audience suggestions into comedy gold, creating scenes, songs, and games that’ll have everyone rolling in laughter.

Improv Mastery: Learn the secrets of improv from a seasoned pro and sharpen your quick-wit  skills. 

Team Collaboration: Bond with your team, unleash your creativity, and conquer improv  challenges together.  Battle it out with two teams vying for the title of improv champions in  hilarious face-offs. 

Live Performance: Wrap up the week with a nighttime extravaganza, performing for a live  audience that will be cheering, laughing, and loving every moment. 

Judges, Scores, Glory! 

Feel the electric energy as judges dish out scores, deciding which team owns the night. The  suspense builds, the laughter roars, and by the grand finale, one team will be crowned the improv  champion based on total scores. It’s improv madness at its finest, and you won’t want to miss the  epic showdown! 

Ready to Join the Laughter Revolution? Register Now! 

Limited spots are up for grabs, so secure your place in the improv spotlight today.  TheatreSports™ Bootcamp is your ticket to a week of non-stop fun, friendly competition, and  the chance to be crowned improv royalty!