Event Details

Developmental Camp June 10-21

Monday – Friday


Recommended for ages 8-14

Tuition $300


Step into the spotlight! Calling all aspiring playwrights, actors, and creative minds – Choose Your Adventure Camp is here to turn your summer into a blockbuster adventure! 

What’s the Script? 

This camp is perfect for students who have an interest in storytelling, or actors who aren’t looking for a musical acting experience. Students will be able to choose how they wish to participate. A great introduction to playwriting and crafting characters on the page and on stage. 


Unlock your inner storyteller as you dive into the world of playwriting! Campers will learn the  ABCs of crafting captivating tales and then put their creative spin on classic fairy tales in 10- minute scripts. Imagine Cinderella with a modern twist or Peter Pan in outer space – the  possibilities are as endless as your imagination! 

Bring Your Tale to Life: 

Script to Stage: Watch your newly minted scripts come to life as fellow campers transform  them into sensational productions. 

Acting Debut: Every camper will have their moment in the limelight, rehearsing and starring in  these one-of-a-kind premier productions. 

Red Carpet Ready: The week concludes with a dazzling red carpet party to celebrate the  incredible work of our playwrights, actors, and the entire creative team. 

Why Choose Your Adventure Camp? 

Playwriting Skills: Learn the fundamentals of playwriting from experienced mentors. 

Creative Collaboration: Work with a team to bring your imaginative scripts to the stage. Star-Studded Finale: Experience the thrill of your own red carpet premiere and celebrate your  artistic achievements. 

Ready for Your Close-Up? Register Now! 

Limited spots are available, so don’t miss your chance to shine on and off the stage. Choose Your Adventure Camp is your ticket to a week filled with creativity, camaraderie, and a red carpet  celebration like no other!