Event Details

Evening Camp July 8th-19th

Monday and Wednesday


Recommended for ages 7-9

Tuition $180


Get ready to discover the rhythm of Broadway with our 2-week Broadway Jazz class designed  especially for kids!


What’s the Beat? 

Embark on a dance journey that fuses the songs of Broadway musicals with the movement of  classical jazz styles. In this dynamic 2-week class, young dancers will learn the fundamentals of  Broadway Jazz, exploring iconic dance styles that have graced the stages of musical theaters for  decades.


Dance Delight: 

From jazzy kicks to fancy footwork, our experienced instructor will guide youth through a series  of engaging choreography, allowing them to express themselves through the tunes of classic and  contemporary Broadway hits. 

Show-Stopping Routine: 

In addition to learning basic dance technique, students will learn a full, show-stopping dance  routine from a beloved Broadway musical to be performed for families at the end of the class.  

Why Broadway Jazz for Kids? 

Fun & Fitness: Enjoy an energetic and entertaining way to stay active and healthy. 

Confidence Boost: Build self-assurance as kids master dance moves and perform in a supportive  environment. 

Broadway Magic: Experience the thrill of Broadway firsthand, bringing the stage to life through  dance. 

Ages: 7-9. Jazz shoes or jazz sneakers required for this class