Event Details

Evening Camp July 8th-19th

Tuesday and Thursday


Recommended for ages 10-13

Tuition $180


Let the Rhythm Move You: 

In this lively class designed just for pre-teens who have a passion for performance, discover the  dynamic fusion of Broadway energy and jazz rhythms. Over the course of 2 weeks, young  dancers will delve into the world of Broadway Jazz, exploring foundational dance techniques  that have lit up the stages of musical theaters for generations. 

What to Expect: 

Foundations of Broadway Jazz 

– Dive into the basics of Broadway Jazz technique with a blend of classic and contemporary  moves. 

– Learn the art of storytelling through dance, exploring iconic musical numbers and styles that  have graced the Broadway stage. 

Crafting the Showstopper 

– Elevate your skills as we choreograph a full Broadway musical number. 

– Infuse your dance with personality, expression, and a touch of theatrical flair. – Develop stage presence and teamwork skills in preparation for a family showcase. 

Why Broadway Jazz for Pre-Teens? 

Fun & Fitness: Enjoy an upbeat and entertaining way to stay active and healthy. Confidence Building: Foster self-assurance through mastering dance moves and performing in a  supportive environment and be prepared for your next musical theatre audition.

Broadway Magic: Immerse in the excitement of Broadway, translating the stage magic into the  language of dance. 

Ages: 10-13. Jazz shoes or jazz sneakers required for this class