Auditions Workshop: Finding Nemo Jr.

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Jenny Aubrey, Director and Acting Coach
Cathy Almquist, Music Director and Vocal Coach
Megan Achord, Choreographer and Dance Instructor

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or new to the stage, the Finding Nemo audition workshop will help 1st-6th graders gain the skills and confidence needed to ace their upcoming audition. Hosted by the Finding Nemo Jr creative team, performers will have the opportunity to learn techniques to help you stand out and perform with confidence. Work with a vocal coach on your audition song, learn how to get noticed dancing alongside others, and gain knowledge and tips on how to nail the cold readings and improv portion of an audition.

While this workshop is focused on the specific needs of the Finding Nemo audition, the skills learned are applicable for any stage audition. While attending the workshop will not guarantee a role in the upcoming production, performers will leave feeling empowered to do their very best and truly sparkle in their next audition. Participation is not required to audition and space is limited.