Event Details

Teen Production Camp
July 8th -20th, Monday – Friday 12:30 – 4:30 pm
Recommended for ages 13-18
Tuition $400

Geek. Poser. Jock. Beauty Queen. Wannabe. These are the labels that can last a lifetime. With a bright cast, composed entirely of teenagers, this hilarious, coming-of-age musical proves that “cool” is sometimes where we least expect it. The stories that come to life here are ageless, the emotions they explore timeless, and the laughter, and the memories they provide priceless.

With an unforgettable rock score from Tony Award-winning composer, Jason Robert Brown, (Parade & The Last Five Years) 13 Jr. is a musical about fitting in – and standing out! This Broadway Junior adaptation of 13 Jr. is the perfect place for young performers to shine!


Show Synopsis

Evan Goldman is plucked from his fast-paced, preteen New York City life and plopped into a sleepy Indiana town following his parent’s divorce. Surrounded by an array of simpleminded middle school students, he needs to establish his place in the popularity pecking order. Can he situate himself on a comfortable link of the food chain…or will he dangle at the end with the outcasts?!?​ (Cast breakdown below)


What’s in Store for You?

Acting & Singing: Hone your performance skills with this fun ensemble show that provides chances for each actor to shine!
Dance & Movement: Put those TikTok dance skills to work! Actors will learn choreography that incorporates current dance trends while highlighting their own unique skills and moves.
Stagecraft: Each class will feature a different component in the making of a show. From costumes to acting exercises, there is something for everyone!
Showtime: Family and friends are invited to see the performers light up the stage with 2 full runs of the production on July 19th & 20th.

Don’t miss the O-P-P-opportunity to participate in 13 Jr Teen Production Camp!


Character Breakdown

Evan: A bright, nerdy boy who is excited to become a man. New in town and trying to find a place to fit in, he eventually becomes close with Patrice and Archie. Our story’s protagonist.
Patrice: A shy, intelligent, bookworm. Archie’s best friend and Evan’s new friend.
Brett: The vain star quarterback. Leads a pack of popular boys, including Malcolm and Eddie.
Malcolm: A wannabe popular kid and one of Brett’s sidekicks.
Eddie: A wannabe popular kid and one of Brett’s sidekicks.
Kendra: The bubbly, popular, head cheerleader. Lucy’s best friend and unknowing rival.
Archie: A good-humored, intelligent, unpopular kid. Patrice’s best friend who has to use crutches.
Lucy: A manipulative girl who secretly desires to have Kendra’s boyfriend. Sneaky and feisty.
Molly: One of the girls at school and quick to defer to Lucy. She is happy to gossip about the drama, though she’s never quite in the middle of any of it.
Simon: Part of Brett’s entourage.
Richie: Part of Brett’s entourage.
Cassie: A cheerleader
Charlotte: A cheerleader

In addition to the above roles, there are ensemble roles available!