Arsenic and Old Lace
By Joseph Kesselring
Directed by Austin Peay
October 18 – November 3, 2024
Auditions August 4th and 5th, from 6:30-9:30pm
Callbacks by invitation on August 7th

Arsenic and Old Lace is a play by American playwright Joseph Kesselring, written in 1939. It has become best known through the 1944 film adaptation starring Cary Grant and directed by Frank Capra.The Flowertown Players last produced the show in 1983.


Drama critic Mortimer Brewster’s engagement announcement is upended when he discovers a corpse in his elderly aunts’ window seat. Mortimer rushes to tell Abby and Martha before they stumble upon the body themselves, only to learn that the two old women aren’t just aware of the dead man in their parlor, they killed him! Between his aunts’ penchant for poisoning wine, a brother who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, and another brother using plastic surgery to hide from the police—not to mention Mortimer’s own hesitancy about marriage—it’ll be a miracle if Mortimer makes it to his wedding. Arsenic and Old Lace is a classic black comedy about the only thing more deadly than poison: family.


Martha Brewster
Teddy Brewster
The Rev. Dr. Harper
Elaine Harper
Officer Klein
Mr. Gibbs
Abby Brewster
Mortimer Brewster
Jonathan Brewster
Mr. Witherspoon
Officer Brophy
Officer O’Hara
Dr. Einstein
Lieutenant Rooney


Participants should sign up for a time slot, and arrive 10 minutes prior to that time slot to check in at the front desk. Auditionees will be called to the stage to perform a short monologue that should be prepared in advance.While we prefer participants to prepare a monologue, we do understand that there are rare circumstances where that is not possible for everyone. We want to make sure that everyone who wishes to audition feels encouraged to do so. Therefore, If you are unable to prepare a monologue we will have a few on hand.

We will surely have many talented actors come audition for this show. Please understand that we can not cast everyone who auditions. A CALLBACK is not guaranteed, and will be held by invitation only on AUGUST 7th.

If you have any questions, please email