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Catfish Moon

This show has wrapped!
Thank you to the cast,
crew, & audiences for
making it a success!


Rated PG-13
The old fishing pier at Cypress Lake has just fallen under the magic of another Catfish Moon. It was the favorite hangout for three child hood best friends — skipping school, skinny dipping and the mysteries of kissing girls ... Now Curley, Gordon and Frog are older, and they have tasted both the bitterness and sweetness of life; the pressures and problems that come with middle age have eroded Frog and Gordon’s closeness. The final straw comes as Frog discovers that Gordon is dating his ex-wife. In an attempt to recapture the friendship and settle all disputes Curley convinces Frog and Gordon to go on an overnight fishing trip like old times. Out on the pier, the weight of adulthood is lifted by laughter and their love of fishing; the three guys discover that their friendship was never really lost.

Cast List: 

Gordon - Ernie Eliason
Curley - Barry Gordon
Frog - Chad Reuer
Betty - Shannon Johnson